Apex Animal Hospital



Apex Animal Hospital is a state of the art four doctor American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited small animal veterinary hospital.  We treat dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds, reptiles and other exotic pets.  Our experienced staff is able to treat and manage complicated internal medicine cases, perform advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries, treat critical trauma cases, and provide chemotherapy for cancer patients.  We regularly consult with veterinary specialists to provide the best care possible without requiring owners to travel out of state for additional care.  We have a physical therapist, also certified in canine physical rehabilitation, on staff and are the only veterinary hospital in Montana with an endless pool.  We offer hydrotherapy for post-operative, neurologic or debilitated dogs, as well as swimming for general conditioning or just for fun.  We have core strengthening and endurance exercise classes for dogs that have suffered injuries, are competitive canine athletes or for people who enjoy teaching their dogs’ new tricks. Our advanced diagnostic tools include digital radiography, ultrasonography, and an in-house laboratory for accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment.  In addition to the more commonly known and used treatment modalities, we also offer cold laser therapy, acupuncture, herbal and nutritional consultation.  Close circuit monitoring allows us to monitor patients in our critical care unit at all times whether we are at the office or at home.   At Apex Animal Hospital we pride ourselves in providing excellent care for our patients in a relaxed caring atmosphere.

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