Apex Animal Hospital


Ferrets a domesticated member of the weasel family.  They make great pets.  They can be housed in large wire cages with solid bottoms.  They are easily potty trained to a litter box and many people let their ferrets roam free in the house.  They are curious creatures and great care must be taken to “ferret proof” a home or room.   A multilevel cage with plenty of play time outside the cage is recommended.  They do not have any special temperature requirements and love to burrow in blankets or hammocks.  They are carnivorous and require a high protein diet similar to cats.   Commercial ferret foods are best (such as Zupreme) but some kitten foods are very similar in protein, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber content.  Excessive carbohydrate and grain content can lead to urinary stone formation.  Vaccination for distemper and rabies is highly encouraged for all domestic ferrets.